Still available for download:

"Germany: Memories of a Nation" -  Neil MacGregor's BBC Radio 4 series

(30 episodes, originally broadcast in Nov. 2014)


Neil MacGregor was Director of the British Museum from August 2002 until December 2015. 
In the autumn of 2014, he delivered a series of 30 “Memories of a Nation” talks, each 15 minutes long, on BBC Radio 4.
These talks were linked to the "Memories of a Nation" exhibition at the British Museum (presented from October 2014 to 25 January 2015), which presented a 600-year history of Germany, in objects.  
This series of 30 broadcasts concluded on November 7, 2014, but each episode still remains available (and should remain so indefinitely) for download from the BBC website as a 'podcast': click here for more details.

As stated on the British Museum's web page:-

"In partnership, BBC Radio 4 and the British Museum explore the fascinating and complex history of Germany in a 30-part radio series.

The series examines the key moments that have defined Germany’s past, its great, world-changing achievements and its devastating tragedies, and explores the profound influence that Germany’s history, culture and inventiveness have had across Europe."