Sustainability Lecture 2019

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Come and hear a presentation by Freiburg City’s Head of Sustainability Management, Simone Pflaum, on "Localising the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in the City of Freiburg".


When:   Friday, 6 September at 11.15 am


Where:  the 5G Innovation Centre, Institute for Communication Systems, Alexander Fleming Road, University of Surrey, Guildford

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Admission is free and open to all GTA members



Last updated: August 12, 2019

Photo of Simone Pflaum 

Simone Ariane Pflaum is the Director of Sustainability Management for the City of Freiburg. Simone leads the sustainability process for Freiburg and collaborates with local businesses, political bodies, and civil society. She advises ministries at federal and state level, as well as cities in Germany and globally, and is a frequent guest lecturer and speaker.

Prior to working for the City of Freiburg, Simone was an adviser for Edith Sitzmann, the Chairwoman of the Green Party in the State Parliament. From 2009 to 2012, Simone served as the youngest member of the Freiburg City Council, representing youth interests and focusing on issues such as sustainability, urban development and inclusion.

Simone holds an MA in Political Sciences, Sociology, and Pedagogy from the University of Freiburg and studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and in Granada, Spain. As a member of ICLEI’s FutureCityLeader Initiative, Simone was a delegate to the United Nations Conference Rio+20. In 2015, Simone was selected as a fellow to participate in the Atlantic Council Millennium Leadership Program and is a member of the Transatlantic Core Group.

Freiburg’s officers and advisers are well-qualified to talk to us about sustainability. The city has for many years now been one of Europe’s leading exponents and practitioners of a green approach to urban development, with many successes to its credit. See its own website here for an outline. In 2018 Freiburg hosted, with the City of Basel, a conference on local renewables, which was attended by officials from its twin cities, including Guildford council’s Leader and Deputy Leader, and from which we hope all will have learned much.