Sustainability Lecture 2019

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Come and hear Freiburg City Council’s Head of Sustainability, Simone Pflaum, give us her views on environmental issues, sustainability goals, and on past and future achievements in this area.

(Date not yet fixed.)

Last updated: February 03, 2019

Freiburg’s officers are well-qualified to talk to us about this. The city has for many years now been one of Europe’s leading exponents and practitioners of a green approach to urban development with many successes to its credit. See its own website here for an outline. In 2018 Freiburg hosted, with the City of Basel, a conference on local renewables, which was attended by officials from its twin cities, including Guildford council’s Leader and Deputy Leader, and from which we hope all will have learned much.

Ms Pflaum has accepted an invitation from Guildford Borough Council to visit Guildford and give this talk. The GTA is delighted to be able to collaborate with the Council in setting it up.

Members will be invited, free of charge, to attend.

Date and other details to be announced shortly.