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For events: "What is German about German music?" and "Film and conversation with Telemach Wiesinger", see the "EVENTS - Upcoming" page (reachable here or through the sidebar link).


Guildford is twinned with Freiburg im Breisgau, a beautiful historic city in Baden-Württemberg. The Association, chaired by Barbara Ford, supports the twinning.

We promote social, sporting, cultural, business, tourism and educational contacts and exchanges – in short, collaboration and friendship.

Join us and enjoy:

  • social events
  • talks
  • arts events
  • guided trips to Freiburg
  • supporting the twinning


For further information about Freiburg and the twinning, and for details of our activities, use the menu options on the left side of this page.


Map showing Guildford & Freiburg


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