Over a period of years, artists from Freiburg and Guildford have exhibited their works in each other's towns, usually in joint shows.  We present here some of the Freiburg artists and a few of their works. For the Guildford artists involved, see here.


Maria Cristina Tangorra: 

Maria Cristina was born and trained in Italy and has lived and worked in Freiburg since 1993. She paints, designs and teaches and has won a string of awards. Thematically she is particularly interested in gardens.

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 MCTangorra Nemos Waldung1 2021Acryl auf Leinwand reduced



See Maria Cristina's website here

See her Instagram sites here and here.



Cristina Ohlmer

Cristina was born in Italy and studied in Stuttgart, then came to live in Freiburg. She has won many prizes, most recently Freiburg's prestigious Reinhold Schneider Preis Kunst(prize for fine arts) for 2022, to be awarded in a ceremony in December.  In her works she is concerned with light, reflection, transparency: she switches between different media and cultures to visualize the "fugitive fragility of time".

See her website here.

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Irina Lozinskaia 

Irina was born in Russia, studied in Berlin and New York and now lives and works in Freiburg.

See her website here 



 GrünLandschaft 2021 25x20 Öl Leinw
Feldberg 2017 21 50x40 Öl auf Leinwand Winter Berge 2022 40x30cm ÖlaufLeinwand
Lozinskaia HerbstBlau 2021 30x40 Öl L Winterlandschaft 2021 22 ÖLl Leinw 30x40




Zoja Elchlepp

Zoja works in oils and textiles. A few years ago she held a magnificent exhibition of her tapestries in Guildford Cathedral.       

See her website here.                                                                                                                                                                                                       










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Konrad Wallmeier

Konrad describes himself as an experimental artist. He was born in Sassenberg/Westphalia, and studied at the University of Kassel in the field of solar and solar physics. He has lived and worked in Freiburg since 1991, and since 2004 has been an independent experimental artist, winning prizes and exhibiting widely. He focuses on light objects, interactive objects and installation. 


See Konrad's website here

and his Instagram account here 

and a video about his recent exhibition in Denzlingen here.


Annemarie Matsakow

Annemarie says"I am inspired by my travels and encounters with people at home and on the road. I have visualized these impressions in multi-layered works, reflecting the complexity of life, diversity, nuances. I work with glazing and translucent colors and materials, both in painting and in my objects and assemblages."

She has been based in Freiburg since 1986.

See her website here and her instagram account here.  


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Right: "Transition" - Multi-layer painting and calligraphy digital image processing pigment print on Tecco paper laminated on Alu Dibond with UV protection 60 x 90 cm 

Above: "Es ist nicht was du siehst" (It's not what you see). Analog collage, painting, plexiglass lasercut digital and analog image processing pigment print on Tecco paper laminated on Alu Dibond with UV protection 30 x 60 cm.

Transition A.Matzakow

Celia Brown


Celia was born in England, studied in the UK and Germany, and now divides her time between  Freiburg and Hastings. She has taken a paticular interest in Lewis Carroll, and her film "Wonderlands", about his works, was shown at the private view of the joint exhibition in Freiburg of the same name in 2022.

See her website here.

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