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In June 2022, coinciding with Freiburg's Partner Cities Fair, a group of Freiburg artists led by Maria Cristina Tangorra held a joint exhibition called "Wonderlands" with three Guildford artists. 

In keeping with the choice of venue – a contemporary art exhibition in the edgy ambience of a former tram shed,  now part of a winery, Weingut Dilger - many of the artworks showed unusual juxtapositions of subject or of materials.  See below a little about the three Guildford artists exhibiting and a few of their works.

For the Freiburg artists, see here.


Nick Pyne

Nick studied art at St Martin’s College, London. He lives and works in Guildford, has had solo exhibitions in Guildford, Bramley and Esher, and participated in group exhibitions in London and at the Woking Lightbox.

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Nick makes sculptural objects 

from mundane and everyday

materials  as well as doing more

traditional drawings and paintings. 

See his website here.


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This was the display of Nick's work at the Wonderlands exhibition.




John Lord 


John says, ”My work involves predominantly drawing,

additionally using and recycling found objects as

materials to construct stencils which I use in a variety

of ways...Experimentation remains the core element

of my working practice.”

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See more of John's work on Instagram at #lord9851  



Taka Rothenberg

Taka works in mixed media, particularly with textiles, producing large scale pictures made of appliquéd and painted fabric, which show the influences of her life and the various places she has lived and worked. An artist and writer, she was born in Japan, spent 50 years in the US with her American poet husband, creating and exhibiting her work, then moved to Guildford where she still, at over 90 years old, creates beautiful and unusual artworks.

Taka was represented in Freiburg by her daughter and granddaughter – the subject of one of her works, before the latter was born.

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