Next trip core dates: 6-10 June 2024

Do-it-yourself trips with benefits....

Visit Freiburg – historic, green, beautiful, sunny

  • free guided tours
  • walk in the Black Forest
  • make German friends (speak German or English)
  • taste delicious local food and drink
  • we provide a core activity programme (see below): you dip in and out as you choose
  • our programme for 2024 includes attendance at the Partner Cities Fair.

Last updated: January 2, 2024




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How does it work?

GTA Committee members are in Freiburg from the beginning of the trip to the end (often for longer) – you book your own dates and transport, and join us out there.

Select your own accommodation – we can help with suggestions and have one bulk discounted hotel booking in place.

Select any or all of the activities we propose.

We get you free access to activities not usually open to the public or that are normally chargeable.

We set up opportunities to socialise with Freiburg residents – practise your German/help them practise their English.

We save you time and trouble by doing all the spadework, checking timetables, opening hours, prices, etc

We will be there. We will accompany each proposed activity.

We will be available to make suggestions and point you in the right direction


Travelling there and back

You could:

  • fly  - both easyJet and BA run budget flights to Basel airport; you then take a bus or train to Freiburg,
  • you could take the train, or
  • drive. 

You choose your own arrival and departure dates: you are welcome to join us in Freiburg whenever you wish.


You need to book your own accommodation: we reserve some rooms on a cancellable basis in one good and centrally located hotel which gives us a really good discount, and could allocate one of them to you if you wished - let us know!

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is most suitable, as the programme includes (modestly-priced) evening meals which you are invited to join (at your own cost).


The programme anticipates that you will arrange your own breakfast, most probably in your hotel; that you will sort out your own lunch – the city centre contains many cafes and restaurants for all tastes and purses; but we hope that you will eat most evenings with the group and some German friends. For the evening meals we select modestly priced and characterful inns and restaurants where we think you will enjoy both the food, the décor and the company.  

 Core activity programme for 2023

(2024's programme will be different, but this gives you the flavour)

 Thursday 21 September


Journey to Freiburg, settle into your accommodation

19: 00

Evening meal together

Friday 22 September


Free guided walk round Vauban district (sustainable development) with expert guide, in English. 
 Late morning   and afternoon Free time to visit the gorgeous local produce market in Münsterplatz and one of Freiburg’s many museums (note: all closed on Mondays) eg the Augustinerhof, the Museum für Neue Kunst, or the Colombischlössle Archaeological Museum.


Evening meal together, with local friends, at Omas Küche, Hildastrasse 66. (Speak English or German)

Saturday 23 September

 Morning Free time to visit the gorgeous local produce market in Münsterplatz and one of Freiburg’s many museums


Take the S-Bahn to Summer Wine Testival - wine tastings at four vineyards in Buchholz. 


 Free time

Sunday 24 September

 All day - meet at top cable car station at 11:00

Take the cable car up Schauinsland mountain for a walk in the Black Forest, maybe find the Englander Denkmal, lunch at Gasthof zum Hof in Hofsgrund. with members of Freiburg's Anglo-German Club (speak German or English). Walk as much or as little as you choose. Indulge in a large slice of Schwarzwälderkirschtorte.

 Evening  Free time. Maybe take in the season's opening concert at Freiburg Theater.

Monday 25 September

 10:00 - 12:00

 Free guided walk round the Altstadt with expert guide, in English.

 12:00 -13:00  Official reception at the Rathaus, Gerichtslaube.
 Evening GTA visit ends



As well as the cost of travel out and back, plus accommodation and meals, you should budget for the cost of tram tickets during your stay and a few incidentals such as the cable-car, the train to the lakeside walk and possibly a concert ticket.  

The actual price of travel for you will reflect your own individual choices; the hotel you choose; the timing when you make your flight/train bookings – the sooner you book, the cheaper it is; the specific flights you select; and where buying in Euros, the €/£ exchange rate at the time.

As to food, by way of example in 2022 a substantial salad in a medium-range café or restaurant cost around €11, and a meat or fish main course around €15.

Freiburg City Council will give each Guildford visitor a free museum pass: its five museums are described (in English) on its museum website. Entry to the marvellous Augustinermuseum for example normally costs €7.

Please note

  • This trip is for GTA members only: if you are not a member, you will need to join: go to join the GTA.
  • although you will be accompanied for much of the trip, and we do our best to give you accurate and helpful information, this is not a professional or commercial arrangement and neither the GTA nor any of its Committee or other members accepts any responsibility for any part of the trip;
  • specific proposals – in relation to flight times and other arrangements - are given by us in good faith but may be changed or cancelled, possibly at short notice, for reasons beyond our control;
  • you will be responsible for selecting, reserving and paying for your own travel arrangements, both in going to and from Freiburg and locally during the visit, as well as for your own hotel accommodation;
  • we recommend that you arrange your own travel insurance cover, including checking the cover given by your GHIC or (if still valid) EHIC card; and
  • the proposed guided tours and visits will involve a certain amount of walking, some of which would be on more demanding terrain.

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