Download "Germany: Memories of a Nation" -  Neil MacGregor's BBC Radio 4 series: click here 

(30 episodes of 15 minutes each, originally broadcast in Nov. 2014)

Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum 2002-2015, gave these talks to link to the museum's "Memories of a Nation" exhibition 2014-2015, which presented a 600-year history of Germany via objects.  They are available, and should remain so indefinitely, on the BBC website as podcasts.

As stated on the British Museum's web page:

"In partnership, BBC Radio 4 and the British Museum explore the fascinating and complex history of Germany in a 30-part radio series.
The series examines the key moments that have defined Germany’s past, its great, world-changing achievements and its devastating tragedies, and explores the profound influence that Germany’s history, culture and inventiveness have had across Europe."