This code of conduct applies to everyone attending GTA events.

In this code, "child" means any person under 18. 

Basic principles:

   -  everyone should feel safe, valued and respected

   -  everyone should take responsibility for their own behaviour

Dos and don’ts at GTA events (most of this should be covered by normal good manners):


You should

You should NOT

·       treat everyone with respect

·       be disrespectful or intimidating to anyone

·       respect everyone's personal space

·       touch anyone inappropriately

·       take responsibility for your own behaviour

·       take photographs of any child (apart from your own)

·       remember that children are dependent and vulnerable

·       offer alcohol (or drugs) to any child

·       tell one of the Safeguarding Officers about anything that worries or concerns you

·       if you are a child: drink any alcohol at an event, nor turn up to an event under the influence of drink


·       take or offer any controlled drugs at an event, nor turn up to an event under the influence of  drugs


Consequences will depend on the circumstances and might involve the Safeguarding Officer:

   -  offering appropriate emotional or practical support to a child on the spot,

   -  referring an issue to the child's parents or to a child protection agency,

   -  having an appropriate discussion with an adult member,

   -  in an extreme case, invoking the expulsion provisions of the GTA Constitution.


Our Safeguarding Officers, responsible for our child protection policy, are:

  Steve Callaghan:   

Steve C 

  Barbara Ford:    



   - one or other (or both) will attend every GTA event.

   - do report any worries or concerns to them immediately.  They will take you seriously.



Policy, purpose and scope

The Guildford Twinning Association ("GTA") seeks to provide a safe environment for children who participate in any of our activities and to promote a climate where children will feel confident about sharing any concerns they may have about their own safety and well-being.

In this policy, a “child” means any person under the age of 18, a "private event" means an event organised by the GTA which is open to GTA members and their guests only, and a "public event" means all other events organised by the GTA.

This policy applies to all GTA members.

Safeguarding Officers

We have appointed two Safeguarding Officers, who will have been subject to an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check.  At least one of them will carry out an appropriate risk assessment, ensure any appropriate measures are put in place and be present and identify themselves at every event in which children could participate.

Children and anyone else should report any concerns to them immediately.  They will assess the situation, help where possible, and where appropriate refer the issue to the parents or the appropriate agency, probably Surrey Children's Services (see below).


Identifiable photographs should not be taken at any GTA event of children without the consent of the child and the child’s parent/carer.


Alcohol should not be served to children at any GTA event.

Child members

Before accepting a child as a member, we will ask for contact details of the child’s parent or carer.  We will keep these confidential and secure in line with our Privacy Policy (published on our website and also available on request). We will seek consent of the parent/carer to the child's participation in our activities.

Support expected from members

Given that children are dependent and vulnerable, all GTA members are expected to treat children participating in our activities with even more consideration than they afford to adults, as set out in our Safeguarding Code of Conduct (see above) including, at our events:

  • respecting each child's personal space and refraining from touching them;
  • not taking photographs of children or supplying alcohol to them; and
  • if they become aware of any risk to a child, taking action to prevent any immediate danger and in any event bringing this risk to the attention of one of the Safeguarding Officers immediately.

Surrey Children's Services

If for any reason neither Safeguarding Officer should be available, and there is an emergency, contact Surrey Children's Services:

  • 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday: phone: 0300 470 9100
  • Out of hours emergency duty team: phone: 01483 517898.